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A member of the all-powerful TI Raleigh team that dominated the pro racing scene during the late '70s and early '80s, Jan Raas was a prolific winner able to stand out in a team full of winners.

His first major classic win came in 1977 in Milan - San Remo, a report on which you can find below. It was in his native Holland's only classic the Amstel Gold Race that Raas really shone, only a determined effort from Bernard Hinault in 1981 stopped Raas from achieveing an incredible six wins in a row.

No great tour rider, Raas excelled at one day races. Read more about his exploits in this, our Jan Raas feature...

Rider Profile

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Raas's Races

In 1977 a young Raas escaped on the Poggio to register a famous win in Milan - San Remo.
In 1978 Jan Raas won the Amstel Gold Race after some hi-jinks among the following cars.
In 1979 Raas was again at the centre of controversy as he took the World Championship.
In 1982 Raas won a thrilling - and dusty - Paris-Roubaix.

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After searching the web for some time, I reached the conclusion that this is the first site to deal with Raas the rider in any depth. I found some quotes from him as team manager but nothing of any substance on his riding career. If you know anywhere, please LET US KNOW!








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