Paris - Roubaix 1982 Pictorial

The 1982 Paris-Roubaix was one long dust storm. As the race sped across the northern French plain its path could be tracked from miles around by the dust clouds it raised. Jan Raas won, speeding into the track at Roubaix to win alone. I found these photos while researching the Raas feature and thought I'd share them with you.

Paris-Roubaix is a tortuous event. If it rains, the tracks are muddy and slippery and the going is tough. If, as in 1982, the weather is dry, then the tracks are dusty and the going is just as tough...

Francesco Moser leads Jean Luc Van den Broucke in the chase.

Jan Raas takes his chance on the run in to Roubaix.

Bernard Hinault kicks up the dust for Henni Kuiper and Roger de Vlaeminck to swallow.
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Danny Willems fights his way over the cobbles.

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Jan Raas and team mate Peeters set a hot pace over the cobbles.
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1 Jan Raas (Raleigh-Campagnolo) 270km in 7-21-50
2 Yvon Bertin (Co-op) at 16 secs
3 Gregor Braun |(Capri-Sonne) s.t.

4 Stefan Mutter (Puch) s.t.
5 Eddy Planckaert (Wickes) at 37 secs
6 Roger de Vlaeminck (Daf) s.t.
7 Marc Sergeant (Boule d'Or) s.t.
8 Ludo Peeters (Raleigh-Campagnolo) s.t.
9 Bernard Hinault (Renault-Gitane) s.t.
Francesco Moser (Famcucine) at 1-37

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